Harsh Reality, Impossible Dream

A Memoir of Hard Times, Better Times, and The Best Times

Shanise Craft was born and raised among the harsh realities of an environment dominated by alcohol, drug use, welfare, and single motherhood. But none of that stopped her from dreaming a seemingly impossible dream. She was determined to succeed, rise above her environment, and break dark curses that gripped her family for years. Though she was focused and driven, her journey did not go quite as planned. After two destructive relationships, Shanise found herself raising four children alone. Never giving up on herself or her children, she knew she had to move in a new direction. Shanise thought she had it all but was quick to learn how easy material items could be gone in a blink of an eye. Without warning her life began to fall apart. General manager of a successful luxury car dealership....gone! She lost her home and even her church home...both gone! But God wasn’t finished with her and his plans were yet to be revealed. Plans so overwhelming they tested her faith. Through each round of loss, Shanise realized more each time how God wanted the best for her. It was time to do away with old things, before new blessings would flow in abundance.

Shanise Craft continued to dream with her eyes wide open, her faith remaining a driving force behind an inspirational story. God redirected her course while in the midst of her ever-changing world... transforming the impossible into the possible.

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